Thursday 28th July 2005
I am feeling much better now, and have almost fully recovered. I have narrowed the causes of my sudden illness down to either:
a) Food poisoning
b) Heatstroke
c) Dehydration
d) Exhaustion
e) The dodgy tap water at the folk village
f) A bug I caught from one of the kids
g) All of the above!!!
I’m thinking option g is most likely!!
Anyway, aside from a few sniffles I’m fine now, and for those of you who are muttering about Avian bird flu, I can assure you that I have not yet grown wings or feathers of any sort!!!
My problems with the Korean teachers (specifically Betty, who is a completly incompetent moron) have been semi-dealt with. I was planning on telling Jenny, the director, my problems regarding Betty and her behaviour over camp. She kept leaving her group of 9 year olds unsupervised while she wandered off on her cell phone, and complained the whole time that the games were too hard, and basically did fuck-all while Cal and I ran around like headless chickens entertaining the kids. However, because I was so ill, I didn’t get a chance to speak to Jenny, but it turns out Cal felt exactly the same way as me, so he told Jenny how crap Betty was being, and I discovered on my return to work that Betty had been suitably chastised!!
(She also ate a burger yesterday from Lotteria that had glass in it!! It cut her lip and we had the local managers in all day sorting it out with her – I don’t know much about Karma, but……
Well, anyway they bought her a cake and she dropped the issue with them.)
So, it seems that everyone is thoroughly sick of each other and hot and bothered, tempers are flying, and THANK GOD it’s the holidays!!! We started vacation today and we have a whopping 5 days off to recover before school on Tuesday.
My friend Suzie and I are going down to the mountains to hang out, relax and drink a lot, which should be fun!
The temperature is still in the mid thirties, but thanks to my ancient air conditioner, I’m able to keep the temperature in my apartment at an even thirty, which is not as unbearable as it sounds, (except for the last couple of days when I had a fever!!)
I hope everyone is having a good summer, enjoying yourselves and for those of you in London, do take special care.
miss everybody tons
(bwuck bwuck bwuck, and other chicken noises)

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