“I’m here to rescue you”

Friday 4th November 2005
Hey guys,
Ok, so I had a really hectic but really fun Halloween. School was a nightmare of last minute organising and planning, but it all came off really well, and we all had a blast.
On Saturday before Halloween, me and the girls got all dressed up to go out in Seoul, and it was really fun.
Finding a costume was hard, because there aren’t many costume shops here, and they don’t have any second hand shops either! Of course, I had already decided what I was gonna go as months ago – I mean anyone who’s ever gotten a free Jedi lightsaber spoon in their Frosties really doesn’t have a choice!!
My mate Suzie had one too, and was already planning to go as Darth Maul, as she already had face paint and a big black cloak, so I decided to go as Luke Skywalker, as I’m not too good at pulling off evil, but I can do girly like you wouldn’t believe!!
Anyhoo, I thought my outfit came out ok, considering what I had to work with, (which was a sheet, some bandages, some thermal underwear and an 80’s rocker wig!!). We got to the bar, and even found a couple of storm troopers wandering about (pictures attached). Unfortuntely, everyone we saw kept saying “Wow, great Darth Maul!! You look awesome!! and you’re supposed to be….. um…… an angel?”
The low point of the evening came when I went to the bathroom and some girl said “Wow, cool costume, you’re Barbara Streisand right?” I mean, ok, so the wig we found was pretty dire, and we did an awful job of cutting it up, but still!!!
I had to start introducing myself as “Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you”, and even then some people didn’t get it! Philistines!!
However, we did have an awesome night, and my hangover was brutal the next day, so I must have had fun!
As for school, we are still waiting for the replacement teacher to materialise, and it has been over three weeks now, so I’m only half convinced that he’ll ever show up! Still the usual little dramas that have me tearing my hair out once or twice a day, but it’s fairly manageble. Jenny has told me that I might get my bonus next week in my paycheck, so I’ve got my fingers crossed!!
Oh, and also a little note about Christmas, for those of you lucky enough to be getting presents from me this year! I decided that I don’t have the time or energy or money to run around trying to find unique and cool presents for everyone this year, so I’m doing xmas on the cheap!!
Any of you getting presents from me, don’t be suprised if you’ve got the same thing as everyone else, cos you will!!! I’ve decided to just find one cool gift and give the same thing to everyone!!
Oh, and also, don’t expect it to show up by Christmas, cos I’ve just sent some boxes off today by surface mail, so you can expect your pressie anytime in the next five months or so!!
Ah well!!!
Hope everyone had a fun halloween, take it easy

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