Kuwait! Land of oil and sand!

Saturday 18th March 2006

I’m here!!
It was a very long flight and I’m somehow still awake twelve hours later, but I’m safe and sound, and it’s sooo weird being here!!
It’s hot, but really dry, which is a nice break from the humidity in Sydney, and my apartment is AMAZING!!!!!!
I’m sharing with a girl called Anna, who’s Canadian, very friendly, and also very clean, and the flat is soooo nice – all new and shiny!!
It’s lovely to see Betty and Bryn, who I haven’t seen for almost two years, and the school is HUGE too. I start teaching tomorrow (our weekends are Thursday and
Friday) but my timetable on Sunday is pretty laid back – I only teach three classes and I have four free periods while the kids learn Arabic and the Koran etc.

Anyway, I won’t write any more just now, as I’m about to fall over and crash, and even if I don’t Bryn’s just cracked open a bottle of their home brew wine to celebrate my arrival, so I’m sure that’ll knock me over!!
later dudes

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