It’s all go!

Wednesday 8th March 2006

Hello hello!
Time for another update!
Well, basically I had an interview a couple of weeks ago about the job in Kuwait, which I got (yay!!) for September.
Then I had an email on Monday asking if I could come right away as one of their teachers left, so I should be off next week hopefully!!

The job is teaching primary, Year 3 first I think, and then in September, probably Year 2.
I’ll have to figure out the syllabus, and work out how to teach things like numeracy, but I’m sure I’ll get there. The school follow the British curriculum, so thats a big help. The money is awesome, and they’ll pay my rent, bills, health insurance, and it’s all tax-free too!!
I love my life sometimes.

Anyway, so, I shall be leaving Australila for sunny Kuwait next week, where my lovely friends Betty and Bryn already work, so they’ll be able to show me round and help me settle in etc.
It’s all very exciting, and I’m itching to buy a ticket, but I have to wait until I’ve heard from the principal whether she wants to get the ticket at her end or have me buy it or what.

Pretty much nothing else new to report, I’ve given up carbs and sugar, I read Dr Atkins’ “New Diet Revolution”, which is completely terrifying!!
According to him I’m over 20% overweight – that’s a whole leg!!!!
A whole leg full of fat!
I was briefly tempted to do the shortcut weight-loss and just amputate, but I’m not sure that’s gonna work somehow!!
Anyway,  Dr Atkins has also banned EVERYTHING from my diet, and I’m never allowed to eat anything nice ever again.
However, I decided against following his diet plan, as any diet that bans you from eating any fruit can’t be that healthy (and my sister cheered me up by pointing out that Dr Atkins was extremely overweight himself when he died, so it clearly doesn’t work). Actually I think he slipped on some ice and fell, but I prefer believing that he died as a result of his own stupid diet somehow….

So I’m doing my own version of Atkins, which involves mostly no carbs and no sugar, but with fruit and yoghurt and stuff (surely a yoghurt is better than a bar of chocolate????)
If I ate a yoghurt on the Atkins diet, I wouldn’t be allowed to eat again for a day and a half because it has too many carbs in!!

Also, Dad and I found a loophole – you’re allowed as much meat as you want, so we got to pig out on peking duck!! I’m sure this must be the only diet in the world that lets you eat tons of duck!!

Anyway, enough about my eating habits, what else? My nephew Ollie turns two tomorrow, and we had a lovely party for him last Saturday down by the beach (and I got sunburnt again). It was lots of fun. I’m afraid I haven’t got any nice pictures of me at the moment – I’m too huge and my face is still suffering from the plague).

That’s it from me for now – the next update could well be from the Middle East!! Watch this space!

tons of love
“The Incredible Bulk”


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