Holiday Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve just come back from 3 glorious weeks on holiday, which I spent in Leura, Sydney and Perth, hanging out with friends and family, drinking wine, eating cheese, and generally having a lovely time.

Of course now I’m back in the Philippines, hidden under the smog of Manila, and suffering from a rather epic attack of the post-holiday blues, so I thought I would post some pics of my holidays to cheer myself up….

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A Christmas wedding in Oz

Tuesday 9th January 2007

Hey everyone,

Just for those of you that didn’t know, I’ve just had a fabulous 2 weeks off work, and flew to Australia to visit my family and to be there for my brother’s wedding.

The wedding was gorgeous – it was all lovely and happy and sweet and they are like the most beautiful couple ever – they actually look like the couple you get in your picture frame when you buy it!

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It’s all go!

Wednesday 8th March 2006

Hello hello!
Time for another update!
Well, basically I had an interview a couple of weeks ago about the job in Kuwait, which I got (yay!!) for September.
Then I had an email on Monday asking if I could come right away as one of their teachers left, so I should be off next week hopefully!!

The job is teaching primary, Year 3 first I think, and then in September, probably Year 2.
I’ll have to figure out the syllabus, and work out how to teach things like numeracy, but I’m sure I’ll get there. The school follow the British curriculum, so thats a big help. The money is awesome, and they’ll pay my rent, bills, health insurance, and it’s all tax-free too!!
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Fat teacher and the evil stepmother

Tuesday 14th February 2006

Hello hello!

It must be time for another huge email from me, so here we go!
I’m sad to say that my extended holiday has taken a nasty turn – I’m getting fat!
I’ve been here two months, have put on three kilos, and my poor jeans fiinally gave up the struggle to get around my ever-expanding thighs and split.
A memorial service will be held next tuesday, no flowers please.

Anyway, in light of these developments, I finally took the plunge and joined the mass of people known as “exercisers”.

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Free! Free at last! Mwah ha ha haaaaa!

Tuesday 31st January 2006

My course is finally over !!

It was exhausting, and very very hard, and I won’t find out until Friday if I passed of not, but thank god its over!!!

The teaching part was ok, I learned all about phrasal verbs, functional language, the weak schwa, and many many more fascinating parts of the English language too exciting to talk about!
It was basically all ok in the end, although I did have a really bizarre lesson which, of course I am about to describe to you in full detail! Continue reading

2006: A New Chapter…

Wednesday 11th January 2006

Hello hello!!
Happy New Year!!
Time for another enormous, mammoth, ma-hu-ssive email from Maya!
Cups of tea at the ready!

My Christmas was really lovely, I got tons of gorgeous pressies, played with my nephews on the beach and generally did things that will make you all so jealous I won’t even mention them!
New Year was even better, I went down to Tasmania to stay with my friend Steve. Tassie was beautiful – Hobart is such a nice city, a really cute and quaint kinda place!! Continue reading

Starting to unravel…

Tuesday 20th December 2005
Hello everyone!!
I have now been here for two weeks, and I have some really lovely pictures for you all!!
As my dad says, the key to a good holiday is learning how to unwind, but not unravel, but sadly I’m doing a bit of both!
I’m so laid back and relaxed now, that I really struggle to sit upright from my sun-lounger and sometimes I completely lose the ability to move. It’s really very sad.
I’m getting disgustingly brown, and my dear stepmother hands me a chilled glass of wine whenever I wander outside, so it’s pretty hard to do anything at all really!
I may soon regress into amoeba form and just blob around in a heap on the floor, retaining only the muscles needed to get my wine to my mouth!!