Starting to unravel…

Tuesday 20th December 2005
Hello everyone!!
I have now been here for two weeks, and I have some really lovely pictures for you all!!
As my dad says, the key to a good holiday is learning how to unwind, but not unravel, but sadly I’m doing a bit of both!
I’m so laid back and relaxed now, that I really struggle to sit upright from my sun-lounger and sometimes I completely lose the ability to move. It’s really very sad.
I’m getting disgustingly brown, and my dear stepmother hands me a chilled glass of wine whenever I wander outside, so it’s pretty hard to do anything at all really!
I may soon regress into amoeba form and just blob around in a heap on the floor, retaining only the muscles needed to get my wine to my mouth!!

Anyway, I am really having a wonderful and very relaxing time, and my sister arrived last
night, so we are now a complete clan of loons all in one place!!!I have also had a bizarre revelation recently. I used to think that all babies and small children were incredibly cute and sweet and cuddly, but I have now realised that my nephews really are much cuter and nicer than anyone else’s children!
It’s not a biased opinion, it’s just that my nephews are way better than anyone else’s kids!!
Isn’t that peculiar?
Anyway I really hope you all have a really fabulous Christmas, with lots of presents and booze and carols and wine, and an even more fabulous New Year filled with booze and dancing and booze!!
Take care,
sending lots of love and christmas cheer your way!!!!

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