Arrived safe and sound!

Sunday 11th December 2005

Hello everyone,
Sorry I’ve been so lame – the flight was very long and I didn’t end up getting any sleep, so I’ve been pretty wiped out for the last few days (I actually woke up naturally at 7.30am this morning!!! Shock horror!!).
However, it’s lovely to see dad, and I have met my gorgeous nephews at last, who are just the cutest and most well-behaved babies in the world. Jack is the quietest baby, he just eats and sleeps all day, and occasionally opens his big blue eyes to make bizarre scrunched up faces!
Ollie is much more active, he’s toddling about and can say words like daddy and beer already!! He’s adorably cuddly and I could quite literally spend the rest of my life giving him cuddles and kisses!!
Quite the besotted aunt I’ve turned out to be!
Mum’s here too, so it’s nice to catch up with her and see my brother, and my sister is coming out just before Christmas, so we’ll all be here at once for a change!
As for me I’ve been terribly organised, and gotten a bank account and a medicare card and a cell phone already!!
I haven’t been on a shopping spree yet, but there’s plenty of time! The weather here is beautiful, and I’ve been to the beach twice so far, it’s lovely and sunny and warm and relaxing.
So, I hope you’re not too jealous, and I shall try harder to be a bit more on the ball responding to all your emails. Hope everyone in Korea is doing alright in the cold, and managing without me!!
take care and talk soon
lots of love

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