A Christmas wedding in Oz

Tuesday 9th January 2007

Hey everyone,

Just for those of you that didn’t know, I’ve just had a fabulous 2 weeks off work, and flew to Australia to visit my family and to be there for my brother’s wedding.

The wedding was gorgeous – it was all lovely and happy and sweet and they are like the most beautiful couple ever – they actually look like the couple you get in your picture frame when you buy it!

I’ve attached some pics for you to look at.
Generally it was a lovely holiday with xmas and New Year and presents and small children (who I love even more than I did before – they are fantastic, my nephews!).
It was very very busy and I must admit I’m a bit exhausted now I’m back at work, but I plan to spend the weekend relaxing to make up for it!
I hope you all had wonderful lovely holidays and i wish you all the best for this year.

Happy 2007
love Maya

The perfectly gorgeous newlyweds!

My gorgeous nephews and my brother too…

Me and my mum!

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