Holiday Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve just come back from 3 glorious weeks on holiday, which I spent in Leura, Sydney and Perth, hanging out with friends and family, drinking wine, eating cheese, and generally having a lovely time.

Of course now I’m back in the Philippines, hidden under the smog of Manila, and suffering from a rather epic attack of the post-holiday blues, so I thought I would post some pics of my holidays to cheer myself up….

The swimming pool at Singapore airport was sadly closed….


So I was forced to make do with wine….


These awesome and massive Kookaburras came to say hello!


First there was one….


Then there were two….

P1120660 P1120662 P1120669 P1120670 P1120671

And then there were three and we started to feel surrounded!

P1120687 P1120688

Bushwalk in the rain at the Leura Cascades

P1120638 P1120637

Out and about in Sydney I stumbled across these “GAYTM’s” – like an ATM, but gayer, apparently….

P1120691 P1120693

Standard vain selfie of me in my new dress getting ready to go out on the town with my sister-in-law


2nd bushwalk in the blue mountains with my bro, but this time the sun came out!

Fun fact – the blue mountains are so called because of the large quantity of eucalyptus trees, which give off a bluish-haze when the eucalyptus oil evaporates in the sun.

P1120745 P1120747 P1120748 P1120749 P1120761 P1120769

Random tourist canyoning down a waterfall, like you do…

P1120771 P1120772 P1120776

And on to Perth, where there were wild kangaroos! At the pub! Loads of them!


This guy was a seriously big bugger!



Awww, this one was so cute!

P1120799 P1120801 P1120803

P1120805 P1120806


Chillin at the beach, looking at the Indian ocean


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