The one with the really nice mullet…

Thursday 13 October 2005
Hello hello,
Well, I’ve now been in Korea for a whole year, Cal is finally leaving on Saturday (yay!!), and I’m entering my last couple of months here before I move on to Australia, the next stop on my world tour!
As I was walking to my Hapkido class the other day a girl walked past me, and my first thought was “Wow, that’s a really nice mullet!”, which was immediately followed by “Oh my god I’ve been here too long!!”
 (n.b. – any of you oldies who don’t know what a mullet is, ask your kids!)
I had another fun moment just a couple of days ago, when I hit a new shopping low.
I was wandering around a department store, looking for a new woolly cardigan for the upcoming winter months, when I was stopped by a saleslady.
She gave me a pitiying look and shook her head at me as she said “No size for you”. I was just thinking that this woman is clearly unaware of the fabulous 4kgs I’ve lost recently, when she shooed me away and shoved me into another section. You would think the large sign saying “big” above my head should have tipped me off, but I was momentarily distracted by a rather lovely poncho. The penny finally dropped when I looked up from my poncho and noticed that all the mannequins in this section were pregnant!
Yes, that’s right people, the awful woman had sent me into the maternity section!
I was soooo offended, and decided not to shop there any more!
Anyhow, trust me, I’m fabulous, and while I may still have a bit of a belly, it’s not nearly that drastic!!
In fact, I am getting very excited because I am about to have a fantastic new haircut! I’m sick of my boring old hair, so I’m gonna chop it all off and make myself even more fabulous!!!
(I decided against the Korean well-being ginseng perm)
Photos to follow…..
In the mean time, I hope you’re all well, and haven’t forgotten about little old me – especially all you so-called mates who NEVER write to me!!!
Well, anyway, in case any of you get into the festive spirit a bit early, I thought I’d add my address in Australia, where I will be from Dec 7th, so there is absolutely no excuse to forget my xmas pressies!!!!
(only 73 shopping days left!! get cracking people!!!)
take care all,
lots of love
“When’s the baby due?” Maya

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