Chillin’ on Ko Phi Phi…

Tuesday 10th April 2007
Hello everyone!!
I’m in Thailand in holiday and it’s pretty awesome so far!!
The journey was long, but uneventful, and after a night in Phuket we arrived on Phi Phi Don, the larger of the two Phi Phi islands.

Ko Phi Phi

Yes. That is a shark net.

It is STUNNING here, although it’s also rammed with tourists of a distinctly chav-esque quality. We’ve been having a competition to see who can spot the most dreadful tattoos, but unfortunately there were too many and we had to admit defeat!
There a large number of social stereotypes here, charicaturing themselves like crazy. From the leathery-skinned hippies with dreadlocks and sarongs to the “lads on holiday” groups apparently vying for the honour of most sunburnt and most nasty tattoos cup. The bars here are a tad grim, with some of the nastiest toilets known to man and a lot of older men with their 20-something Thai brides.
However, the beaches are fantastic, the sea is almost too warm and the views are unbeatable. We took a boat trip around Phi Phi Ley, did some snorkelling and I saw some foot long rainbow fish literally about 2 feet from me!! We also went to Maya Beach, which is most famous for being the set for the movie “The Beach”, and is, of course, the most beautiful beach I’ve even seen in my life! It was really fantastic, but after about half an hour of snorkelling the big cruise boats started to arrive and floods of tourists filled up the beach. My advice to anyone going there is go early and avoid the crowds!!
The food here is incredible, I love Thai food anyway, but it’s especially good here (obviously) and Bryn is planning to take a cooking class tomorrow. Naturally the drinking is also one of my favourite things, and we managed to find a random Italian/Thai restaurant that serves delicious spring rolls and Italian white wine by the caraffe!! Suffice to say we now eat there almost every night!!
Tonight I have returned to Phuket to meet up with a friend from school, Paul, who happens to be in the neighbourhood, and also to give Betty and Bryn a bit of privacy (we’re sharing a room together to save money, but I think we’re starting to see a bit too much of each other, so I thought they could do with a romantic night alone).

As for me, I’m off to shower and get ready for a night out with Paul, although I’m slightly nervous that the funny-tasting prawn in my curry earlier may come back to haunt me later!!

Wish me luck!!
lots of love and green curries,
Tanned Maya
p.s. – It’s now the next morning, as I didn’t have time to send this yesterday. Last night was fun and you’ll be pleased to hear the dodgy prawn did not in fact ruin my night (I found gin and tonic settled my stomach oddly enough! Long live Gin and all it’s medicinal properties!)
I am back on Phi Phi for our last two days before heading to Bangkok and then home.

My lovely toes!

p.p.s. – Oh, and by the way, you’ll be equally pleased to know that despite my fears to the contrary, I have not yet been attacked, bitten or fatally wounded by any sharks, jellyfish, fish in general or shady-looking seaweed.
Although there’s still two more days……………..
hee hee

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