Getting old and over-excited

Friday 30th March 2007

Hello everyone,

Well, I’ve been contemplating my upcoming birthday with the rather scary realisation that I’m actually very old.
I know it’s still 2 months away, but according to British Rail, at 26 I will officially cease to be a Young Person!
Also, I discovered on my brief trip home last summer that while Radio 1 plays nothing but the same new crap pop songs over and over, Radio 2 actually has some good songs on offer! One might even say golden oldies!

I never thought I’d say it, but I’ve become a Radio 2 listener – it just seemed to creep up on me!

Anyway, Life in Kuwait remains pretty mundane, fun things to do here include watching paint dry and, well, camel racing. I look forward to our weekly West Wing marathon a bit too much, and, frankly, I’m so excited about our easter holiday next week I can barely contain myself.

Let me tell you the lack of alcohol here is BORING! I’m starting to really miss going out, but luckily I’ll be home soon, and then the wild world that is the Suffolk countryside will probably, frankly, be too exciting for me.
God knows what would happen if I went to London. I think the excitement might kill me.

Basically, I’m old and over-excited by the plot-lines in House and West Wing, and even thinking about going to the pub has me drooling in anticipation!
Luckily I’m off to Thailand next week for our easter break and we have a 3-hour stopover in Dubai, so the first stop will be the bar!!

Hope you’re all well and appreciating alcohol appropriately!!
lots of love

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