Green, green grass of home

Thursday 13th July 2006

Hello everyone,
I’ve been home for about a month now almost, and I’m having a wonderful time!!
You know, while I was in Sydney, I kept looking around and thinking, “It’s so perfect here, I really can’t remember why I don’t live here!”
Well, my memory has been refreshed!!
The reason I don’t live in Sydney is because I LOVE England, especially Essex and Suffolk in the summertime.
All the flowers are out, the sun is shining, there’s about 50 different shades of green in the trees and grass and hedges and fields. Golden yellow corn and wheat, blue sky, red poppies all over the sides of the roads.
It’s magical. It really is.
I was driving up to Bury St Edmunds the other day, the sun was shining, I was singing along out of tune to some cheesy classic songs, and I drove past a field of flax, in full bloom, the most gorgeous purple colour you can imagine.
I could honestly drive around Suffolk for hours and not get bored, it’s so breathtakingly beautiful!!

Anyway, aside from being amazed at how lovely it is here (I never truly appreciated it when I lived here before), I’ve been busy catching up with friends and family. I spent last weekend in St Andrews with an old flatmate of mine, and we had a wicked time trying to have at least one drink in every pub in town!! Scotland is as pretty as ever, all rugged and wild etc.

(I’m feeling very poetic today!)

In other news, my weight is still creeping up and up – I can no longer fit into most of my clothes, and despite joining the gym here and going swimming, my body just refuses to shrink!!
I had to resort to a food diary and calorie counting madness, which is not really helping, like all the other diets I’ve tried and failed at, but we’ll see.
I am actually seriously considering giving up chocolate however, which is a bit scary.

Other than that, life is good, I’m relaxed and enjoying my holidays, although I seem to be
hemorrhaging money somehow – it’s a good thing I have enough to keep me in wine for a while yet!!

I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer.
Oh, and don’t forget if you’re in the uk, I’m having a party at my house, August 5th, the costume theme is vicars, tarts, ninjas and pirates.

later dudes
love suffolk-lovin Maya

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