Ah, to be 15 again…

Monday 9th July 2007

Hello everyone,
I know it has been a while since my last update, but I’ve been a busy little bee since I got back!

After the intense drama that involved leaving Kuwait I finally made it back safe and sound.
I’ve been out drinking almost every night I can, and have caught up with absolutely LOADS of people I haven’t seen in years which has been really great.

I have discovered that, apart from one particularly nasty hangover, in which my numerous Appletinis came back to haunt me for a record 3 days, I have been left unscathed by my epic drinking!

It would appear that my long stint of abstinence in the alcohol department has allowed my liver to regenerate, leaving me with the ability to go out drinking night after night with very little effect!

It’s fantastic to have the liver of a 15-year old again, although I’m also about to have the bank balance to match – drinking is a lot more expensive than I remember!

However, lots of fun and games and general hilarity has been had, and I am now awaiting with excitement the imminent arrival of my brother, his wife and my gorgeous nephews who are coming to stay soon.

As chief Activities Director I have been busily planning trips to the Zoo, the park, the woods etc, and although I have been popping up and down to London quite a lot, will probably be spending most of the rest of the time before I leave up in Suffolk playing with the boys. So, any of you who still want to see me but haven’t yet, that’s where I’ll be – you may have to come and visit me!

Of course, before that happens, I’ve got to go to Oxford for my training camp – all very outwards bounds and a tad scary – I think they want to prepare us all for the poor living conditions ahead!  Still, thanks again to all those who have donated, I am now only £220 away from my goal, which is incredible really, and I’m going to be leaving on August 7th for Nepal for a year.

After that, who knows where I’ll end up, although I am considering the possibility of coming home and settling down for a bit (just an idea – don’t get your hopes up!).
So, you may or may not be hearing from me again before I leave for Nepal – it depends a bit on how long my liver holds up!

Hope you are all well and happy,

lots of love

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