Living the dream…

Wednesday 23rd July 2008

Hello again everyone!
Time for another update of Steph’s life!
Well, as most of you know, I’m now at home and have settled back into western life remarkably well! I love being able to have hot showers whenever I like, and have been busy getting fat enjoying all my favourite foods (well, except for meat of course!).

On the job front things are going a bit slower than anticipated. I’ve updated my CV and have been sending it out to lots of agencies and applying for loads of jobs, but so far after a month of looking I’ve had several rejections and only 2 interviews, neither of which I got offers from, although thankfully neither of them were jobs that I wanted anyway!

I decided to sign onto the dole for jobseekers’ allowance, as it’s £60 a week that I could definitely do with having! Things are going a bit slowly, as each job application takes hours to fill out and a lot of them I get half way through before realising I’m not at all qualified for the position!

However as I am after all trying to start a new career from scratch it’s hardly surprising and I now have lots of options such as re-training in various different ways and I can also volunteer while I’m job-hunting to improve my job experience and help ease the boredom of sitting around at home all day!

I’ve been applying for jobs mostly in charity administration (as a way of getting my foot in the door, so to speak), and also quite a few for project officer positions in night shelters for the homeless. My ultimate goal is to try and get a job as an aid worker, but it will take several years of experience and training to get there, so I’m trying to find positions that will help to bridge the gap. I also found a fantastic agency (RedR) that runs training courses for relief workers, and they are having a seminar called “So you think you want to be an aid worker?” in September, which is perfect so I’ve signed up for that.

So, although I am a tad bored sitting round at home all day filling in applications for hours on end, I haven’t lost hope yet, and it has only been a month since I got back after all!
I also love the fact that when people ask me what I’m doing next, after all of my exciting travels around the world, I can say “Well, I’m 27, unemployed, claiming benefit and living with my mother.”
Living the dream baby!

However, I’ve had plenty of other things to keep me busy, such as continuing the orphanage newsletter, and attempting to set up a bank account and charity for them so I can start receiving donations (which has all turned out to be far more complicated than I expected, but I am persevering with it!).
I am also trying to learn the complexities of the new website so that I can update it myself, but it requires my dear sister and her lovely boyfriend to spend hours explaining things to me, so that continues slowly as well! I hope I shall one day have enough technical ability to work it by myself, but for now I am testing their patience with my computer-ignorance!

Also I have several other projects to while away time, like attempting to compile all of my emails into a book, finding a publisher etc, which is more like a hobby, but it certainly keeps me busy!
Then there’s my scrapbook to finish, and shopping to be done (so many gorgeous clothes! and shoes!), and all sorts of odds and ends to fill up my days.

And of course, I have about 4 year’s worth of Neighbours to catch up with, so that’ll take some time too!

I do hope you’re all well and happy and enjoying your summer wherever you are. The weather here has been pretty hit-and-miss so far and it hasn’t been terribly hot and summery, but hopefully it’ll warm up in August (and anyway, spray-tans are the new black this year!)

tons of love and happy thoughts,


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