The bells, the bells!

Sunday 12th July 2009

Hello again everyone,
Just a quick update to let you all know how I’m doing.

I’m now back in Liverpool, attempting to write up my beasty dissertation and hunt for jobs at the same time!

It’s starting out pretty slowly, but I’m hoping I can get into the flow pretty soon. I’ve been going to the University library from 9 to 5, as they have these little private study rooms you can use which are really quiet. So, it’s like having my own office to go to really. The only problem is, they’re so quiet that the other day, I didn’t hear the announcement that the library was closing. I carried on working and when I looked at my watch and realised it was ten past six, I packed up and hurried downstairs, expecting to see an irate member of the library staff ready to give me a telling-off.

Instead, as I came down the stairs, something started beeping over and over again, and it dawned on me that the place looked awfully deserted. I stood in the massive entrance area, yelling “Hello? Is anyone there?” before realising I was all alone, and clearly locked inside the giant library (hence the beeping of the alarm!).
I knew I’d set off the alarms, but didn’t really know what else to do, so I just went out the turnstiles as normal and went out the emergency exit door.

I got about 20 metres down the road, when a University security car came screeching down the road and slammed on the brakes in front of me. A security guard jumped out and shouted “Have you just come from the library???”. It was like a scene from The Bill.

I calmly explained what had happened, and after radioing back to base with my student card details, and searching my bag for stolen books, he said in a very stern voice that I should have stayed inside until they got there. I mentioned that this was the first time I’d ever been locked inside a library, and I hadn’t known security were coming, and also hadn’t really planned on spending the night in the library either. He then went on to tell me I should have called security myself (I don’t know the number for University security or where the phones are). At the point at which he said I should have used the phones behind the desk, I felt obliged to mention that if security had in fact arrived and found me rooting around behind the librarian’s desk, the defense that I was looking for a phone to call security was unlikely to be very believable!

Anyhoo, you’ll be glad to know I escaped!

As for my continuing battle with technology, (after the electric fan attempted to assassinate me), you can clearly see that I arrived safely home and my flight didn’t crash, However, the plane did attempt humiliation tactics by locking me in the toilet for a while. And clearly the library is out to get me too. My computer is also threatening to join the throng, and has been particularly vengeful by deliberately scratching all my dvds and cds.

Ah well, that’s pretty much my life up and down!

I suppose I really ought to get back to designing my conceptual framework, because we all know how exciting that is!

I was planning to start work early this morning, but last night at around 3am the fire alarms in our building went off – and my god are they loud! We all trudged about yawning and knocking on doors, pulling cardigans over our pajamas, and filed downstairs out into the rain. Then we realised our landlord wasn’t in, so we went back upstairs to try and turn it off ourselves. Someone went and checked out the rooms where the fire supposedly was, and we couldn’t find anything, so after about half an hour of pushing buttons we managed to turn off the monstrous noise, reset the alarm, and go back to bed. I was not amused, and I suspect that the alarm system may have gone off on purpose to pay me back for setting off all the alarms at the library. Basically, we’ve moved on from mere items of technology into entire buildings that are out to get me (I count two so far – the library tried to lock me in, and my apartment building tried to eject me in the middle of the night…).

Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I’m just extraordinarily accident-prone, but it seems unlikely that so many completely unrelated incidents would just keep on happening to the same person without some kind of malevolent master plan…. If that was true I’d be a bookies’ worst nightmare.


back to work….

tons of love
*rather tired of being so apparently accident prone* Maya

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