Christmas Cheer!

Tuesday 14th December 2010

Hello again everyone!
Well, seems I’ve got time to squeeze in another update before I slip into my annual chocolate-induced coma (also known as Christmas!).

I have yet to get fully into the spirit of the thing, as despite having bought and wrapped most of my presents, we have not yet acquired a tree or put up any decorations yet. I must admit that in a very childish way I only really feel like Christmas has arrived when I can go nuts and smother everything in sight with tinsel and sparkly things!
However, I am pleased to announce that one particular Christmas present (and frankly by far the best one I could possibly get!) has arrived early this year. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to announce that I have GOT A JOB!!!!

(insert screams of adulation and general fabulousness)

Even better, it’s not just any old job, not sharpening pencils for some teeny tiny little charity that no-one has ever heard of (even though I’d have taken that job if I was offered it). No, no, this is a stupendous job, an awesome and brilliant job, working for…….. (drumroll please……)………….XXXXX!!! (Major UK NGO)

Yeah baby, that’s right. The big fish. The blue chip. The motherload.

In other words, I am thrilled to have been offered a position working for them!
So, details, details……

Well, the position itself is as XXXX, working at their head office in Oxford.  Anyhoo, the job itself is mostly to do with staff training and development, and condensing and collating lessons learned from evaluations and reports to create fun! easy-to-read! intranet pages. Apparently they’re going to teach me how to design an intranet page, so that’s a bonus!

Anyway, that’s all really brilliant and exciting. I went through a rigorous screening process, which included a phone interview, a test, then a face-to-face interview and another test before I was offered the position. I got the call about 2 weeks ago, but was waiting to announce my news until all the administration was out of the way (checking references, negotiating salary, getting contracts and offer letters sent out and signed and sent back etc).

So, here we are, and I’m about to head down to Oxford to look for a flat, and then I’m officially starting my new job on Monday! Although it’s a bit strange to start so close to Christmas, my new line manager explained that it’s a lot easier for her to show me the ropes and settle in while the office is nice and quiet and empty! So I’m starting on Monday, and just working for 3 days, then home for xmas, then back down on the 29th for another 3 days before new year.

So, that is my big huge exciting news!
The perfect Christmas present – and just in time!

Soooo, well, what else is there? Not a lot really. Since my last update I’ve mostly been filling in endless job applications, visiting friends, and hauling my enormous bulk around the back roads behind the village in preparation for my 5km charity run. The impetus for losing weight and getting fit has recently increased after I sat on a friend’s sofa a few weeks ago and broke it. You know you need to lose a few kilos when sofas start to collapse underneath you!

We had lots of snow a couple of weeks ago, although sadly it’s all melted now, and I felt extremely hard-core when I went jogging in the snow. The shocked looks on my neighbours’ faces was enough to spur me on!
Unfortunately when I went out the following day all of the snow had frozen into solid ice, and no-one grits the country lanes, so I fell over a lot, and could barely get above a brisk walk without losing my balance! The neighbours especially enjoyed watching me slipping and sliding about, although the real low point was when I accidentally inhaled a large snowflake while jogging and almost choked (until it suddenly melted halfway down to my lungs!).

But nevertheless, I have bravely persevered! I was actually starting to look forward to the event itself (just so I could get it over with), but sadly it was cancelled due to all the ice! (Apparently the event organisers don’t have insurance against several thousand broken legs and shattered hips). So, sad day for me, but fear not, all you good people who have sponsored me! There is still hope!

The options left are that
a) I can get hold of a santa suit and run my own 5k with a friend taking photos and verifying that I actually did do it
b) I can post-pone it until May when the same organisers are holding a super-hero themed 5k fun run

So, don’t worry about your sponsorship money – I have promised you a 5k run in a silly outfit and one way or another I will complete the challenge!!
The only thing I am waiting for is to find out the specific date of the May run, as although I LOVE dressing up as superheroes, if it’s anywhere near my birthday weekend I’ll be either far too drunk or far too hungover to attempt it!

However feel free to write back and let me know which YOU’D rather see me do – a lone Santa run, or mass superhero run?

I guess that’s about all my news for now, except to wish everybody a very happy Christmas and spread a little bit of my xmas joy to you via the interweb.

Merry Crimble!!!!

lots of love
Employed Maya!!!

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