Daan Bantayan, Northern Cebu part 2

Some pics of my second trip up to Daan Bantayan, distributing hygiene & water kits to the community there 21st-22nd November 2013


Some early bird beneficiaries…


Showing them what’s in the hygiene kits…

P1100692 P1100693

Lovely Jenny, our first beneficiary, gets her hygiene kit and water kit!

Jenny P1100722

Down at the beach later that day….


The boys attempt to swim but struggle to get further than knee-deep!

P1100737 P1100741

But they lie down and pretend to swim anyway!



IC is determined to have a swim anyway, even if it is only in 6 inches of water….

P1100754 P1100769

This lovely old house has windows made of shells.




Washing at the well using a basketball as a bucket!


Making beneficiary registration forms by torchlight using carbon-copy paper, old-school style!

P1100785 P1100788


Down at the beach early the next morning checking out the sardine catch….

P1100804 P1100807

P1100816 P1100811

Investigating the damage to the maize crops….


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