Eastern Samar

Some photos and pics from my first trip to Eastern Samar for the EMMA. Mostly around Guiuan – a tiny peninsula poking out into the enormous pacific ocean….

Out and about at the Eastern Samar State University campus (ESSU), which is also home to the UN Hub for the region, as well as a tent city for people who’s homes were completely destroyed:


P1110859 P1110860

P1110862 P1110861 P1110869 P1110867

The UN/WFP hub:



Lots of abandoned desks and chairs from the remains of the university classrooms

P1110880 P1110876 P1110877 P1110878 P1110881



The view from our hotel on a nice sunny morning:

P1110915 P1110917


Hilarious signs in the toilets:

P1110914 P1110854


I still love all the awesome names Filipinos have:


Cockerels with the most incredible colouring:

P1110923 P1110927

What used to be the airport in Guiuan:


So in other words just drive up to the runway and wait for the plane to show up!

P1110967 P1110977

P1110979 P1110981

The ESSU campus & UN hub from the air….

P1110986 P1110985 P1110990

You can see the extent of the storm surge (and which direction the wave came from) from the black sand/silt dumped onto the land.




Dear god I hope all that smoke coming out of the cockpit is normal!


Thousands of felled coconut trees look like matchsticks from the air…


Circling Tacloban City

P1120018 P1120017 P1120021


Rice fields near Tacloban have been cleared ready for planting

P1120024 P1120032 P1120049 P1120037 P1120038 P1120046 P1120047

P1120050 P1120051 P1120052 P1120053

Taking cheeky pictures of the UNHAS pilots – my colleague made me promise I would!



1 thought on “Eastern Samar

  1. My oficemates and I were one of ure passengers in your flight last January 24 tacloban-cebu during your operations after typhoon yolanda,as i was searching for somthing i accidentally viewed your post.i just want to say hi and thank you for the ride.munchkin from the Philippines ;airport hub

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