Maya’s comedy hour…

Well I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have plenty of ridiculous comedy moments while attempting to go about my business and appear somewhat professional along the way….

You can read the highlights of my comedy moments here, but since then there have been a few additional things that I thought you might all appreciate!

A couple of weeks ago I went to a meeting at the Department of Agriculture, where they were bringing in all 40 of the Municipal Agricultural Officers for a big meeting on rice seeds, fertilisers and discussing recovery plans for farmers. So there I am sitting at the table surrounded by important people, rooting around in my bag for a pen, and out flies a tampon and lands pointedly in the middle of the table. Rather awkward.

Nevermind, I thought, stuffing it hastily back into my bag.

An hour later, in the break, I popped out to the loo, went into the cubicle, closed the door, and had just pulled my trousers down to my knees when I looked up and realised that the door had not in fact latched properly, and had swung open, leaving me rather exposed and facing the corridor. Had to hastily grab at the door and hope no-one milling about in the corridor had noticed. Very awkward.

After all that, I went to wash my hands, and suddenly realised there was water from the sink pouring straight down the plughole and onto my shoes…..

And that’s the hat-trick, I thought to myself…..

Other similarly awkward encounters include my run-in with the Hot Men of the Shelter cluster, as I noted on facebook:

Tuesday 4th Feburary 2014

Well, it’s been fun, but I have clearly chosen the wrong technical specialty. Will be forced to re-train immediately as a shelter expert, as apparently CeeCee has been hiding ALL of the very very hot men in the Shelter Cluster.

Rocked up to the cluster meeting in Tacloban today to present the EMMA findings, expecting half a dozen scruffy bored people twiddling their thumbs. Instead walked into a den of hotness (and me with no make-up on! For shame!). Thank god I at least managed to wedge my hair under a bandana before I left the office this morning….

You couldn’t swing a cat in there without hitting some carefully-dishevelled designer stubble draped over a chiselled jawline.

Of course, me being me, I realised 5 mins into my presentation, when all eyes were on me, that the underwire in my bra had worked itself loose and was somehow simultaneously jabbing me in the sternum and poking out from under my t-shirt like a third nipple. Cue awkward public boob-groping in an attempt to re-adjust the offending piece of wire while simultaneously trying to sound knowledgeable on market systems.

God I hate being foiled by my own underwear.

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