Coming to you live….

I believe I mentioned in my previous post that I was roped into hosting/anchoring a live talkshow here in Tacloban covering the Haiyan Candlelight Memorial.


I found out on Wednesday I was doing it, and so had very little time to practice for the 5-hour long live event on Saturday!

In spite of the nerves and jitters, we got there in the end, and it was actually really fun! During the rehearsals I had a large rat crawling across the beam in my eyeline, and I got somewhat frustrated by not having enough clear/straight answers to my questions. The producer was a lovely guy, but he has a tendency to sermonise everything and talk in riddles, which is not helpful when you have limited time…  I would ask things like “What order will the interviews and reports be in? Can I have a schedule in advance so I know what’s happening before I actually go live on-air?” and he would talk for 30 mins about humanity’s finest hour…. That was very frustrating! He also kept misunderstanding my frustration as nerves, and when I asked him to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do (like sit up, speak loudly, don’t turn your head etc) he asked me if I knew the difference between speaking and talking. I said no, not really, cos they’re synonyms, and he started singing “The Sound of Silence” to me. It was excruciating.

So as a result of that, right up to when we went live on-air, I had no idea what was happening next – there was no schedule to follow, it was more like them just waving bits of paper at me from behind a camera saying things like “Joe on the line” or “Go to Commercial” or “More energy!”

Towards the end they kept saying “Talk more about the candles!” but we started to struggle after a while – there’s really only so much one can say about candles before you start to sound very repetitive. Although my co-host A was very imaginative and managed to come up with a fabulous analogy about the people of the city making peace with the wind and the waves through the medium of candles, which was frankly an inspired piece of spontaneous rambling!

However, despite the stress of it all, it was really fun, and certainly a new experience for me!

Here are some pictures of it all happening.

This is me getting my hair tamed by one of the lovely staff at the studio…


Here’s the producer giving everyone some last minute notes and reminders…


Here’s the studio where it all happened


Here’s me posing in my chair!


Here’s Jelly, my lovely camerawoman, and all my notes stuck to the wall and the camera!


My lovely co-hosts on the couch


One very happy and excited TV crew after it was all over!


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