Berlin Baby!

My mate and I went to Berlin for fabulous weekend of sightseeing, drinking and general fun. It’s a fantastic city and I fell in love with it immediately!

Firstly, an early birthday present, and possibly the greatest card I’ve ever received…


And my new Jem necklace!

IMG_8989 IMG_8993

Pretty excited on the plane!

IMG_8998 IMG_8999

Admiring the view at immigration


On the U-bahn…


Extremely trendy hipsters drinking artisanal beer from lifeguard chairs, as you do


The enormous sofa in the apartment we rented for the weekend

IMG_9007 IMG_9258

First beer of the weekend – mmmm, delicious!

IMG_9010 IMG_9013 IMG_9016

IMG_9252 IMG_9251

Appreciating the Ampelmann


And some late night pastry of some description – it was good!


We do love Wodka!


A lovely morning stroll through East Berlin

IMG_9248 IMG_9034 IMG_9035

There were a lot of Dortmund FC fans out and about on buses and boats…


This shop had a lovely window display full of vintage Singers


And a Christmas shop, even though it was May…


At the Brandenburg Gate


An organ grinder, obviously


The holocaust memorial – incredibly powerful and very impressive.

IMG_9051 IMG_9250 IMG_9152

A little pit stop for some lunchtime Currywurst and Erdinger…

IMG_9066 IMG_9069 IMG_9259 IMG_9074

Some ruins preserved in perspex at the Sony Centre Complex

IMG_9075 IMG_9076 IMG_9077 IMG_9078

Bit of the wall

IMG_9080 IMG_9081

A mosaic of chewing gum stuck to the wall…

IMG_9083 IMG_9084

A telephone box with a bullet hole in it, on a plinth. We weren’t sure why it was significant, but it was interesting.


Marker of the wall on the street


At Checkpoint Charlie

IMG_9090 IMG_9094 IMG_9095 IMG_9097

Then we found a mini-beach at Checkpoint Charllie! Time for an ice-cream in the sunshine

IMG_9112 IMG_9102 IMG_9105 IMG_9106 IMG_9111


This is possibly my favourite picture from the trip – two incredibly sweet punks making out in the park. Or as I like to think of it, a rare sighting of the rainbow-crested Berlin punk’s mating ritual…


Bullethole-riddled statue at Tiergarten Park

IMG_9113 IMG_9114

The Reichstag

IMG_9116 IMG_9117

Gin and tonics by the river

IMG_9120 IMG_9150

A rather extreme number of allergens listed on the menu…

IMG_9124 IMG_9125 IMG_9126

Flea market heaven!

IMG_9127 IMG_9128

Tango classes at Museum island

IMG_9149 IMG_9153 IMG_9138 IMG_9148

Apparently these gin and tonics come in a bucket-sized glass!


Bit of schnitzel for dinner – yum!


At the East Side Gallery

IMG_9154 IMG_9155 IMG_9156 IMG_9157 IMG_9158 IMG_9160 IMG_9161 IMG_9162 IMG_9167

IMG_9171 IMG_9173 IMG_9174 IMG_9175 IMG_9177 IMG_9178 IMG_9179

In case you were wondering, the weather was beautiful too


The bombed out church near the zoo


Lovely brick rhinos in the walls at the zoo

IMG_9186 IMG_9187 IMG_9226 IMG_9190

The new church they built to replace the bombed one – a classic, brutalist concrete hexagon-type building

IMG_9191 IMG_9192 IMG_9254 IMG_9195

But from the inside it’s pretty spectacular!

IMG_9196 IMG_9200 IMG_9255 IMG_9203

The remains of the frescoes and mosaics inside the church ruins

IMG_9204 IMG_9205 IMG_9206 IMG_9207 IMG_9208 IMG_9210 IMG_9211 IMG_9212 IMG_9213

Potsdammer Platz

IMG_9216 IMG_9217 IMG_9225

Pimms in the sunshine


Followed by mojitoes…

IMG_9224 IMG_9257

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