In a recent bout of patchworking I’ve been making some cushions – some as housewarming gifts for people I know who have recently moved house, and some just for me.

Step one is obviously to go on a massive shopping spree to buy lots of lush new fabrics…

IMG_8093 IMG_8095 IMG_8098

And then sort them into similar colourways (reds, blues, greens etc)


The first three I made were all from the same basic pattern, a fairly standard square pattern made up of strips / stripes of similar coloured fabric.

IMG_8888 IMG_8887 IMG_8962

The others are the same Kaffe Fassett “Bordered Diamonds” pattern that I have used before for some quilts. I was very please with the colours and patterns I chose, but made a bit of a hash of stitching them up into actual cushions – that was my fault for rushing it a bit at the end, and not looking up an actual pattern for doing it. The smaller cushions were all made with an envelope style opening, which is easy enough, but for the larger ones I decided to put in a zip (mainly because it took far longer than I thought to make and I couldn’t be bothered to make up extra fabric for the folds….).

Here are the first few diamonds coming together – it takes way longer than you might think just to measure and cut everything, before you even start sewing!

IMG_9288 IMG_9289

My trusty sewing machine out on the table.


Arranging them and re-arranging them to see which colours go best together – this one is in browns and greens, (lights and darks)…


And this one is in blues and purples, (lights and darks)


Anyhoo, they don’t fit the cushions very well, and the shape is lumpy, and they probably should have been stitched onto some backing first etc, but they’ll do, and I quite like them, and they are much cheerier than my previous cushions!

Here’s the brown and green one, the front side


And the back side


And here’s the blue and purple one on the front…


and the back…


Both together, cheering up my new beige sofa quite nicely!




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