Maasai Dancing, Jumping and making fire

Here are some videos of the Maasai people doing their thing.

First up, Maasai throat singing, while doing some suggestive hip-thrusting.

It’s actually quite intimidating when they are all coming at you at once!

Next up, the jumping display, an integral part of their dance and general showing off of prowess. The ones who can jump highest are viewed very highly within the tribe, and get the best wives etc.

And lastly, they gave us a clever demonstration of how they make fire – it involves 2 different types of wood – one is olive, but I can’t remember what the other type was, and you have to do it onto a metal surface (they used a machete blade) or it doesn’t work – presumably the friction creates heat on the metal or something. You can just see some little wisps of smoke coming from the wood here.

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