New year, new me

Well it’s been a while since my last – doesn’t time fly when you’re busy?

In the build up to the festive season I had a wonderful weekend using up my birthday present – a gin-tasting voucher for a posh hotel bar in Woodstock (the cucumber and watermelon tonic was INCREDIBLE).

img_2806 img_2807

Then there was Christmas (we had a roast goose and it was EPIC. I convinced my mum to do goose instead of turkey this year mainly because we only ever have goose once in a blue moon, and the last time round I was vegetarian and missed out). Here are some of my favourite festive decorations in my house this year – the Christmas Cactus:


And Jeff got a new Santa hat…


All in all I did pretty well on presents though, and our tree this year was HEAVING. (Here is some evidence of said tree), and some nice pics of the niblings.

Still WAY too dark for Christmas morning!



Darth Vader and her storm trooper came to visit…

img_3005 img_3004

General present-opening carnage


And then there were wooden spoons, and lots of them, which all had to placed in my dressing gown for undisclosed reasons.


Here I am with all my spoons, and my new dressing gown, which I proudly made all by myself from scratch (the dressing gown I mean – my niece made the spoons).


And here is one of my favourite presents of the year – my amazing light-up shoes!


Then there was New year, celebrated with two of my favourite people, (pictured here in a vision of domestic bliss – Bryn does the cooking, while Betty makes martinis).


And then there were all the resolutions to be made – eating more healthily, going to the posh fancy new gym more, reading more books, and so on. More on that in the next installment…

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