Another unexpected work trip cropped up. We were all due to head off to Washington in February for a training course, but then had to change all our plans, as despite all of us having valid business visas for the US, our wide range of global staff from a diverse range of countries combined with the current political climate meant a last-minute change of venue…

Luckily we have a regional office in Dakar who were very accommodating and willing to help us organise everything at the last minute, so we all went to Dakar instead.

It was a lot chillier than I imagined (warm in the day, but chilly at night) and sadly we were mostly in a conference room all day every day, so barely any time to go anywhere or do anything, but I took some nice pictures anyway…

Here’s the rather gorgeous sunset from the plane…


And the view from my hotel (we stayed at La Madrague Hotel, on Ngor Beach, which was fab!)

img_3183 img_3184

Me an my colleague on our first evening there


Beach vs Wall – tantalisingly close, and yet we were mostly on the wrong side of the wall…


Beach vs Wall part 2…


What we were actually doing all day instead of being on the beach…


Me vs Flipcharts, the final showdown…


We did however manage the occasional nice meal out here and there of an evening…

The world’s most delicious cerviche at Bayekou, the lovely rooftop bar…


Another nice restaurant near the point…

img_3247 img_3248 img_3249 img_3250

A very bright moonrise…


Halfway through day 6 and everyone deserved a quick 5 mins rest after lunch!


After a LONG 6-day week we had a day off, so I did manage a couple of hours on the beach

This ADORABLE tiny chicken with furry legs was following these duck around on the beach – it was SO CUTE!


The French do everything so well – including the demi-bouteille – the perfect amount of wine for one!


Man washing his horse on the beach in the morning, as you do.


Valentines’ Day on the rooftop – wine, cerviche and spreadsheets, until my lovely friend D showed up and we were able to catch up before he went to the airport – a delightful surprise!


Bissap (Hibiscus) Martini – tasted pretty much like Haribo…


Stunning colours in the sunshine…

img_3298 img_3305

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