Street Art of Florence

In addition to the incredible sculptures, fantastic architecture, and renaissance paintings we saw in Florence, we also spotted a lot of really fun street art while out and about, and we had a lot of fun stumbling upon it on our strolls around the city. The main artists were Clet, Blub and Marie something (i can’t remember her name, even though we actually met her!).

First up, Blub, who creates copies of famous paintings, but always paints them underwater (usually in blue), wearing snorkels. The original paintings are huge (trust me, we found one of his galleries), but he then makes small prints and sticks them onto gas and electricity covers all over the city.

In a rather lovely crossover moment we found this one, which the lady in the gallery informed us was a portrait of Clet, another street artist who does road signs, as you’ll see below. So it was an original Blub picture of Clet!

Secondly Clet, who we also had the delight of discovering by accident as we walked around the city, who takes city road signs and adds to them in really fun ways. We found ourselves compulsively checking road signs as we walked the city, and also found his gallery, where I bought his book.

Thirdly, Marie something (can’t remember her last name) who does lovely newspaper women – I liked them so much I bought an original from her gallery.

Then there were these lovely stick people with balloons – we didn’t find out who the artist was but we rather liked them, so found a few of those as well.

 And lastly a few other random bits and bobs we saw out and about that we rather liked.

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