Where’s Wally goes to Italy

And finally, here’s what I was REALLY doing in Pisa and Florence – dressing up as Where’s Wally and hiding in crowds, because really, what else could possibly be more silly and fun than that??

These pics are not posted chronologically, but in true Wally style I have ordered these from easy-to-spot to Aaaarggh-where-are-you!!!!-difficult, just like in the books.

Happy Wally-spotting!

  1. Packing the Wally costume

2. Hiding in a crowd of one…

3. Disappearing into the crowd at the Duomo…

4. Watching the medieval parade in Pisa

5. Wally at the Catterdrale in Pisa

6. Wally appreciating the Botticelli at the Uffizi

7. Watching the sunset at the Piazzale Michelangelo

8. At the airport (I’m told this is a hard one!)

9. Cattedrale again

10. And now for the devilishly hard ones!

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