A day at the zoo

Last weekend my sister and her family came to stay, and we went to check out the Cotswold Wildlife Park – our nearby zoo, and it was BRILLIANT!

I love zoos, and getting to see lots of amazing animals, although I increasingly worry about the cruelty of animals being trapped in small cages and things. However this zoo was FANTASTIC! Tons of amazing animals and the cages and paddocks were cleverly designed so it seemed like they weren’t in cages at all.

Here we are, pretty excited about the zoo in the morning…

And still pretty excited when we were in the car on our way!

Checking out the rhinos!

A really ENORMOUS giant tortoise

And some zebra

A beautiful white peacock

A wolf asleep under a tree

Can’t remember what this one is

Some siamangs – the largest type of gibbon

We also saw an actual Wolverine – it was busy lollopping around it’s cage – genuinely, when it runs, it lollops. It was hilarious.

Then we went into the Madagascan experience, where we all went into the cage and the lemurs are roaming about freely inside – it was very exciting!


All the fields of oilseed rape are in full bloom on the way home! And it was all a little bit too exciting for one nibling….

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