France, May 2017

A little mini-break with my lovely mum in May. We went for a long weekend to visit my aunt and uncle on their gorgeous farm in France. They live in the Cahors region, about an hour from Toulouse, near Montagudet and Lauzerte. If you are ever looking for a quiet and stunning holiday deep in the French countryside, they run a BnB – you can find them here.

On the bus, nearly there!

Happy to relax and chill out in the stunning countryside!

Off on a little walk to explore the local area

View of my uncle’s farm from the top of the field looking down

Dinner at the house!

Our lovely room

More walking around the stunning countryside

My utterly lovely aunt and uncle being all cute and adorable

Visiting my cousin and his work site where he is constructing a new annex in a traditional French style

Morning mist on our way back to the airport

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