Dad comes to stay

My dad came over to visit us this summer, so here’s a little snapshot of our week hanging out in Oxford…

Dad arrives at my sister’s house first to hang out with my niblings…

Then we get to Oxford, and Dad and I spend some time along the river watching the annual University boat races (called “The Bumps”).

The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny – it was lovely!

Nice cold pint of beer at the Isis pub near the starting line

It was also my birthday while dad was in town, so he took me out for a fancy lobster dinner, which was delicious!

In between all the boat racing and birthday fun, Dad also checked on my loft conversion, which was going on at the time…

Meanwhile back at the river, more boats were racing each other…

We also had a lovely dinner with some of Dad’s friends at The Perch, which is a really nice pub in Oxford with a FAB beer garden!

And another little birthday celebration with some of my friends at Pierre Victoire, my favourite french restaurant in Oxford.

And at the end of my dad’s trip we had a nice lunch with my brother and sister in Cambridge as well to celebrate my sister’s birthday – very rare that we are all in the same place at once!

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