Easter mini-break

This Easter I went on a truly wonderful mini-break in the UK with a friend of mine who has an EXTREMELY sexy camper van.

I have recently started to realise the UK has just so many awesome things to see and do, and I really don’t make enough time to explore this tiny but awesome little island. My recent trips to Leicester and London (and previous trips to various Henges) have shown me just how much there is to do right in my own backyard and it’s encouraged me to try and plan a few more little mini-breaks here and there!

First stop, we drove down to Wookey Hole (I have ALWAYS wanted to go there, and my dad was actually born there during the war too).

Inside the ACTUAL Wookey Hole!

Lots of amazing cave pools

Actual cave-aged cheddar! Ageing in a cave!

Outside the caves, the rest of Wookey Hole was a tad odd…

Long legs short body wibbly mirror

We stayed the first night at Wookey Farm Campsite – it was LOVELY. A small, family-run goat farm, quiet and calm, and they make cheese and yoghurt and you can feed the baby goats and everything. It was totally idyllic.

Old Spot Gloucester pig

Feeding the goats

Baby goat all knackered

The campsite – organic compost loos and a pizza oven, but sadly no showers.

We walked through the fields to the pub for dinner

And then I ate my bodyweight in pork belly – it was AMAZING

Morning view of the amazing camper van! It sleeps 4 people! Amazing!

Before heading off we popped into Wells to check out the Cathedral.

It was pretty freaking amazing. One hell of a Cathedral if I do say so myself.

And then after a quick walk around the Bishop’s Palace, we headed on to the main event – Cheddar Gorge!

We hiked up the actual gorge, which was hard work but lovely views!

Then with a wave goodbye to Cheddar we drove south to Lyme Regis, and made it just in time for a beer on the beach at sunset.

Day 3 we woke up to a lovely sunny morning at Hook Farm campsite in Lyme Regis. Another nice campsite!

We walked along the river to the beach – it was a beautiful walk!

Once we got to the beach we decided to go fossil-hunting on the Jurassic coastline. There were ammonites EVERYWHERE!

Big as a dinner plate

All in all it was an amazing mini-break! Will definitely go there again and spend a bit more time next time – so much to see and do! I definitely fell in love with Somerset, Dorset and Devon!

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