Camping in Wales

At the end of August we topped off our holidays with an amazing camping trip in Wales.

Firstly I should say that I love camping, but over the years I have built up my selection of camping gear so we can camp in comfort and style….

Here is my spacious 5-man tent and gazebo….. (both are air tents as on consultation with single parent friends these ones are the easiest to put up on your own – no poles needed!). They are amazing and I can confirm that I can put it up on my own in about 15-20 mins – VERY easily and with no fuss. HIGHLY recommend an Air Tent in case you are shopping for tents… Mine are both Quechua ones but I believe there are other brands with a similar function these days.

We have two rooms with blackout fabric (amazing for lying in with children in the morning) and two king size inflatable beds that are extremely comfortable!

Our campsite was amazing – Hillend in Gower Bay in Wales. It had great facilities (good showers!), a good little shop and cafe as well as a nice playground. The campsite was only 200m from the sea, but behind some sand dunes that protected it from the worst of the wind, so it was very sheltered (though a tad windy on one of the days we went).

The beach was amazing and there was plenty of space for everyone, though the tide went out about half a kilometre out so trekking to the water was a bit of a mission!

In general lots of fun was had by all of us! We were with good friends, and the kids had lots of other kids to play with, and the weather was glorious. We would definitely go back!

Obviously we still had a few minor dramas – sometimes the kids were cranky and whingy and rude and sometimes I ignored it and sometimes I got cranky too. Everyone was a bit knackered by the end, and A once again threw up all over the car on the way home so that was a nightmare to clean up, but overall it was really lovely.

A delightful way to wrap up the summer holidays!

Came home to work through about 15 loads of laundry, but also my brother and his partner came to stay for a few days so we had a few extra days of fun and went on a day trip to Stonehenge and Avebury Stone Circle, had lunch at the pub and my brother took S to the football to watch a live match, so it was all very busy and fun and full of lovely activities.

Now the kids are gearing up to start their respective new schools and I am getting myself ready to go back to work!

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