Leyte 2013

Some photos from my work in Leyte Province, in Tacloban, Tanauan, Palo, Dulag, Julita, Mayorga and MacArthur.

Flying out on the UNHAS plane (United Nations Humanitarian Air Services)


LOTS of felled coconut trees, as viewed from the air coming in to land…


The hotel pool after the storm surge…


A mass grave in Tanauan



Bladder tank and tapstand

P1100944 P1100943

So many lovely people have posted messages of thanks, even while still living under plastic sheeting in the rainy season….


P1110120 P1110027

Some rather blurry shots taken while driving around Palo and Tanauan…

P1100952 P1100964 P1100990 P1100993

Eeerie smoky landscape at dusk, as people try to burn the debris to clear the land – very post-apocalyptic…

P1100969 P1100970 P1110002

General destruction abounds….

P1110005 P1110013 P1110330 P1110217

Meanwhile, at the beach….

P1110064 P1110066 P1110068 P1110069 P1110074

Unofficial road-block


Attempting to hang up some plastic sheeting to protect people from the elements during the distribution


Tree roots were almost as tall as the tree!P1110119 P1110197 P1110211 P1110222 P1110227

This poor lorry looks like a dead beetle…


Continued rain hampers attempts to burn the debris and clear land


P1110327 P1110347

Distributing some rice seed to vulnerable farmers…

P1110177 P1110181

Beneficiaries register to get their rice seed

P1110256 P1110257

This hilarious woman found out that pregnant women got to jump the queue, so thought she’d give it a whirl by shoving a shawl up her t-shirt. Much hilarity ensued….

P1110270 P1110269

A heavily over-loaded motorcycle with over 200 kgs of rice seed strapped to the back – not unlike the one that flipped over a couple of feet from my face at one point….

P1110273 P1110283

Happy customers riding home on their rice!

P1110300 P1110303 P1110306 P1110309

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