The Dead Sea

On the road heading down to the dead sea…


IMG_2616 IMG_2620_3

There it is!


And there’s Israel/OPTI across the water…


And this is supposedly Lot’s wife. Something about a pillar of salt.

IMG_2626 IMG_2635

The view from the balcony of my uber-swanky hotel…

IMG_2638 IMG_2642 IMG_2645

Dead calm…. it was a bit eerie


This is my “oooh it’s a bit cold!” face


Bobbing about!


Slathered in dead sea mud – terribly good for your skin!


This sign made me laugh, as it was posted at least 2 flights of stairs up from the sea…



Sunset from the jaccuzzi… Don’t mind if I do…


Belly-dancers entertain us at dinner…


Another day lounging by the pool? Oh all right, if I must….


The children’s pool had a faux beach to play on – very cute!


Glass of wine at sunset…


Possibly the most epic backgammon set of all time – even comes with it’s own chairs!



To see more photos from Jordan, have a look at Incredible Petra, Wadi Rum, Mount Nebu, Madaba and Amman, or read about my trip here.

4 thoughts on “The Dead Sea

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