Kaffe Fassett “Facet” Quilt

This one was a labour of love – possibly my favourite quilt of all time, it took a fairly long time to make, but it’s utterly gorgeous, and I almost didn’t manage to give it away. But then two of my best friends went and got married, and it seemed like the perfect wedding gift (about 2 years after they actually got married – I had to make up for the fact that at the time all I bought them was a nice set of towels…)

First you cut all the strips up…


And iron them…


And lay them out in an interesting order


And stitch them all together

P1060267 P1070018

Checking out my colour palettes


Then cut them up into triangles

P1070020 P1070019 P1070045

And lay them out in the right order




It always gets so much smaller when you stitch it all together!

P1070047 P1070049 P1070050

Now time to stitch on the padding and backing


Quilting diamond shapes over the top

P1070652 P1070656


P1080225 P1080220

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