Kate Davies’ OWLS!

Here’s some pics of the amazing OWL jumpers I made all by myself (with a little help from Kate Davies and Made Peachy!).

The first one was my first ever attempt at knitting a jumper, which I gave to a friend for Christmas, and the second one was an adapted pattern for a longer-length jumper which I made for myself.

OWL jumper number 1:P1070642

Starting the sleeves


Mum helpfully models it to let me see how it looks (she’s about the same size as the friend I was making it for). I just adore those OWLS! I so proud of myself too – it’s the first time I’ve ever used cable knitting techniques!


Then the buttons go on!


Ta da!!


OWL Jumper number 2 – adapted for a longer length with help from Kate Davies and Made Peachy!

Starting off…



IMG_2885 IMG_2897


Checking to see if my “bum modifications” were big enough!

IMG_2899Done with the body…


Time for the sleeves…

IMG_2904 IMG_2906 IMG_2907

Putting the pieces together


And here are the OWLS!

IMG_3073 IMG_3113 IMG_3114


Pretty chuffed that it fits!

IMG_3134 IMG_3136

Yeah that’s right, I’m a poser…

IMG_3143 IMG_3144

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