An African Adventure…

This is a project I took on for my mum’s 60th birthday, which turned out to be a bit of a beast. It’s an African-themed Afghan throw/blanket, which I decided to make in autumnal colours (and use up lots of scrag-ends of yarn I had lying around).

Of course, my mum’s 60th came and went, and the throw remains unfinished – I may manage it by Christmas or her 63rd birthday if I get a move on…

Here’s the original picture from Ravelry I saw and decided to have a go at…

Knitted quilt

Here are my bow-ties in progress…

P1080426 P1080602

Trying out the layout of different colours together

P1080601 P1090576 P1080600


Knitting them together into squares

P1090530 P1090662 P1090665 P1090666


Getting this far has taken me about 2 years… And it’s only 1/3 done….

But to be fair, I abandoned it for at least a year and a half…. Must dig it out of the cupboard and carry on…

1 thought on “An African Adventure…

  1. Wow that is utterly gorgeous!! You have such talent (and patience!) I can barely knit a square pot holder haha. Love it, sooooo beautiful!!

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