More pottery

Here are a few more pots that I made

Love this splatter one – it’s got deliberate notches that I cut for chopsticks (as it was a present for my sister) but sadly the bowl came out much smaller than I thought, so not quite as useful for noodles!

This is another one I quite like:

This bowl was lovely and symmetrical, and the glaze came out beautifully (I usually get either a wobbly bowl and nice glaze, or great bowl and crap glaze) – sadly it melted onto the kiln shelf and so the bottom is rubbish.

New term at last! Some new pots go into the damp cupboard…

And a week later they are ready for turning (which is a fancy way to say tidying up the bottoms!)

Trying out my new clay stamps – week 1 = footprint stamps

Also working on my round bottoms!

Phase 2 – black and green slip…

And here it is!

Glazed and ready to go into the kiln for a second firing (this one is cheating slightly, as I didn’t make it – my instructor made it for me to show me the technique and I decided to glaze it to test out some colours.

Of course, it came out looking stunning, but I can’t decide what to do with it – I feel bad giving it to anyone as it’s not really made my me!

I LOVE this little round one!


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