A few more of my pots – starting to get better!

I went and did a whole Saturday class, and it was FAB! Lots of practice throwing on the wheel and I think my pots are slowly getting more symmetrical!

And trying out my other stamps – these are the swallows

And these are the trees…

Here’s how they turned out…

Ok – THESE are my absolute favourite – I was experimenting with putting some glass beads/pebbles in the bottom and firing it to see if it would melt, and it came out looking AMAZING.

And a few more…

This one is a large flowerpot – I can’t throw this big so I made it as a slab-pot instead.

A nice stripey one I made with green glass inside

I tried this one with red glass, but sadly the red colour leached out for some reason….

The glaze here was a bit thin so it’s done lovely weird things!

I love this one! (keeping it!)

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