Mugs galore

Well there’s more news on the job front, but before I get to all that misery, I’ve been busy making MUGs, mugs, glorious mugs!

Practising handles and also learning slowly how to get the dimensions right – I can’t easily gauge how much something will shrink by (I know it’s about 15-20% shrinkage in the kiln but almost impossible to see what that will look like!).

One of my first mugs – very pleased, and it looks a little small but almost mug-sized – but then it shrank…

Ditto most of these turned into tiny espresso mugs….

More mugs ready to go

Pulling handles…

Some nice finished ones – tiny but pretty!

A lovely batch of finished mugs!

This time I made pairs of the same glazes – these ones are ying ching and blue celadon

And these are ying ching and tenmoku

These are my FAVOURITE – Tesha and Jackie’s rutile

Annoyingly I can’t quite get the handles the right size – not sure if they just don’t shrink as much as the rest of the mug in the kiln, or if I am over-estimating how big they ought to be, but in general I’ve got overly large handles….

These came out nicely as well (except for the tiny one) – tenmoku and jackie’s rutile

This was, briefly, my new favourite mug, (I even begrudgingly got rid of 2 other mugs to make room for it) but sadly after a week of admiring it and loving it, I made a cup of tea while tired and hungover, dropped it, and the handle was doomed. Bit gutted but have kept the cup part to plant flowers in instead.

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