Latitude 2018

My friends and I went to Latitude, an incredibly middle class festival in Suffolk for a weekend. Partly because we’ve been before and it’s a nice festival, partly because this year there were lots of bands and comedians we wanted to see, and from my side, partly because it’s likely to be my last festival for a while (I doubt once I’m a parent I’ll go to any big festivals, though may possibly go to some of the littler, smaller, quieter ones…)

I purchased an amazing folding trolley so that we could haul all our stuff from the car to the campsite, including our mattresses!

Sneak peek into our bell-tent! Yes, our mattresses were amazing.

Festival fun!

The first night we were looking forward to seeing James, a band I loved in the 90’s, but they were very disappointing and their new stuff is TERRIBLE so we left them and saw a fascinating talk about the universe instead. Then I looked in a telescope and saw Saturn’s rings (although it was a struggle to refocus the telescope to compensate for my terrible eyesight…).

The Killers, who were AMAZING live!

They even had a confetti cannon….

Sunday morning taking in a play, as you do! Very cultural, but it was HOT in that tent. (We saw Juliet and Romeo, which was good. Very funny in places, and sad in others. Very raw and frankly quite a realistic depiction of a relationship when the romance wears off and the struggle to keep the spark alive over time).

Hanging out in the woods to try and keep cool

Mark Kermode in conversation with Richard Ayoade in the film tent. They mostly critically analysed a classic cheesy 1980’s movie called Roadhouse, which was hilarious.

I don’t have pictures but we also saw some great comedians like Rachel Parris, Bridget Christie, David O’Doherty, and Dylan Moran.

All in all it was a fab festival!

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