Wombling at Wimbledon

My dear friend recently won the ballot and got 2 tickets to Wimbledon, and she took me with her!

We had an amazing day, with seats on Court 1 for the Ladies’ Quarter finals. I do love tennis so very much – such an amazing sport.

At the grounds…

Local school band playing for the crowds!

Nice statue of Fred Perry

Pretty excited to be here!

Our amazing seats were only 6 rows back from the baseline! Madness!

We both went into this with no particular favourites, as we weren’t as familiar with the women’s competitors this year. However during the course of the 1st set, we both decided to root for Ms Cibulkova. She’s tiny compared to most of the other female players, and had one of the most graceful serves I have ever seen.

Then after a full day of amazing tennis, we went out onto Murray Mound to watch the end of the last game on the big screen over on Centre Court, and the stewards came to say that it was after 8pm and they would open up Centre Court now if any of us wanted to go and watch in there – so we did! My first time inside Centre Court! They even closed the roof and everything!

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