After months and months of lockdown, and the disappointment of our Australia holiday being cancelled, and our trip to France getting cancelled twice, we decided to book a camping holiday in north Wales with my mum and her partner, and my sister and her family. 

As I haven’t camped with a toddler before, I decided to upgrade my camping gear and bought an AMAZING new mega-tent, and an awesome king-size air mattress, and a fab new camping stove. I figured I love camping and will want to do it most summers so it’s worth investing in some good stuff. Also my single mums forum had recommended an air tent that you can put up and take down by yourself with very little effort which is ideal for me.

Here is the kid testing out the mega-mattress at home… It has a built in pump so can double as a spare bed at home too.

Here is my car, stuffed to the gills with all my new camping gear. I even had to get roof bars fitted to Polly the Polo to carry more stuff on the roof!

Here is our amazing campsite, called Llyn Gwynant, (the name of the lake), in the Snowdonia national park in north Wales. The campsite was right down by the lakefront.

And my incredible new tent – it sleeps 5, with a 3-man bedroom and a 2-man bedroom, though you can remove the partition I think and have one big room too. It’s really spacious, and has blackout fabric in the bedrooms and is reflective on the outside so it doesn’t get too hot. I literally put it up by myself in about 15 mins. It’s AMAZING! 

(Anyone who is interested it’s a Quechua 5-man inflatable blackout tent – air seconds 5.2 – highly recommend it!)

See also my king size inflatable bed complete with duvet and pillows! Not too shabby at all!

Here is our shared communal gazebo, borrowed from an extended family member.

The first day was damp and grey and wet (after all that hot weather we’ve had on lockdown! Typical!!). But we had fun anyway. And the setting was just beautiful!

Of course, because it’s 2020, our holiday was not to be. We had booked in for 5 nights of camping, but after 2 nights a massive storm was heading for Wales, storm Francis, so we decided to break camp and go home. A bit disappointing as it was our only holiday of the year, but we made the right choice as it was 70mph winds and torrential rain and the campsite was basically underwater the next day!

So we all went home, and I took the kid to stay at Grandma’s house for a day or two instead. Bit of a shame to have to cut the holiday short but we had fun while it lasted! 

Also while at my mum’s we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is amazing!

1 thought on “Camping

  1. Wow, you fit all that in your small car?!! Looks comfortable and a lovely spot, I bet the kids loved it. Nothing quite like camping and sitting around a fire as the day cools off.

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