Sometimes, as a single mum, you have to tackle things that are a little outside your comfort zone. For me, it’s mostly DIY, as I’m not a natural engineer, though I can usually manage to follow flat-pack instructions.

But I must say every once in a while I get an enormous sense of achievement from fixing or building things myself. Basically it makes me feel like a superwoman rock-star when I achieve something I wasn’t sure I could, without any help. So I thought I would brag about it.

For example, one evening the kitchen sink suddenly got blocked and smelt awful and wouldn’t drain. I obviously needed my kitchen sink to work, so decided to just get down under it and see if I could unscrew some pipes and clean it out.

It was full of sludge and smelled DISGUSTING.

I also forgot to take a picture of it before I took it apart so was very pleased that I managed to put it all back together in the right place afterwards too! It’s surprisingly complicated under there! And after smelling the things I have smelled I have a new-found respect for plumbers!

Then I also managed to convert my daughter’s cot into a toddler bed, in spite of a few stubborn screws that threatened to be stuck in too tight, and not only did I do it all by myself, but I did it with an excited 2-year old “helping” me! Extra bonus points for that surely?




And after!

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