The Worst Idea in the World…

So, things are very VERY busy in my life right now.

My second adoption application is in full swing, with paperwork flying around and medicals to be booked and various meetings with social workers and so on (exciting but busy, paperwork-wise).

My house move has been very slow and boring with not much happening for the last 2 months, but looks like it might very suddenly all go go go, so I’ve started collecting boxes and bubble wrap and emptying cupboards and packing boxes etc.

In the midst of both the packing and the adoption, I also need to plan painting and decorating, plastering and carpentry work for the new house, as well as think about carpets and so on.

As if all that wasn’t enough, work has been a bit mental lately as next week we are finally launching the training course I have been working on almost exclusively for the last 13 months and so it’s all a bit busy getting everything final and checked and re-checked and getting all the comms stuff ready to go.

In the midst of all this, we had a bit of a day…

This morning when I dropped the kid off at nursery, I mentioned to the staff that she’d had a very mild runny tummy this morning (and I mean hardly anything at all – she was completely fine). Of course I had not realised that the slightest hint of an upset stomach would mean a 48-hour ban!

The nursery staff sadly told us we had to leave, and that was my day pretty much fucked.

Of course the kid did not want to leave as we had only just got there, (had I known we weren’t allowed in obviously I’d have kept her at home in the first place! Or possibly just not told them about it at all), so she had a full on screaming meltdown.

She had ridden her scooter to the nursery, but wouldn’t go back on it, or walk home with me, and kept running away, and if I tried to pick her up, she was 15kgs of screaming, kicking child which is getting harder and harder to manage safely without dropping her….

I was practically in tears trying to half carry half drag her away from the nursery, while also attempting to carry the scooter and 2 bags and a helmet….

Not a fun way to start your morning.

By the time we got home the kid was very upset about missing nursery and I was massively late for work so she decided she wanted to do some crafting and set about emptying all the sequins and glitter glue and stickers she could find onto the floor and then after making the world’s biggest mess thankfully sat quietly for an hour cutting up pieces of paper with her safety scissors while I dealt with the most urgent emails etc.

By about 11.30am she was cranky and really needed to leave the house, so I figured if I wasn’t going to get any work done we could at least run some errands together so we popped into town to the carpet shop so I could look at prices and colours and try to pick out what I wanted before we move and estiamte the costs etc. The kid really enjoyed running around the carpet shop, and as it was a weekday mid-morning we had the whole place to ourselves pretty much too which was nice.

I got some samples and estimates and looked at underlays and so on, and then seeing as DFS was just next door we decided to pop in and have a look at sofas and armchairs. The new house has a bay window and my L-shaped sofa won’t fit naturally in it, so I wanted to look at a new armchair or snuggle seat to go in the space.

The kid LOVED the sofa showroom and had the time of her life in there. After me constantly shouting “Don’t sit on it! Your shoes are dirty!” and dragging her off them for the 20th time, she simply took off her shoes, grinned cheekily and dive-bombed onto sofa after sofa. Again we were basically the only people in there, and it was an ENORMOUS showroom, so I left her racing about happily while I chatted with the salesman about different chair models.

Of course wandering around the showroom merely gave me the urge to spend far too much money that I don’t have on a mid-range sofa set, so I clocked a few that I really liked and noted them down for later.

The kid was having the time of her life leaping from sofa to sofa with wild abandon, and I was getting a few errands done so it seemed like the morning had been salvaged after all, when suddenly, while I was chatting to the salesman about fabric options, a tiny voice from the other side of the showroom called out “Mama I need a poo!”

In that split second, as the colour drained from my face, and the salesman looked around in horror to see which of the pristine cream sofas she was sitting on, I suddenly remembered that my kid had an upset stomach and that taking a kid with potential diarrhoea to a furniture showroom was literally the WORST IDEA IN THE WORLD.

Thankfully we avoided any drama and I whisked her out of the shop still in her socks, and we made it home safely.

And while I was initially furious at the nursery for banning us when her tummy had been basically fine all morning, in the afternoon I realised it was good that we were at home, as the poor girl was dashing to the toilet quite a bit and had a couple of accidents too, so all in all best that she was at home.

Tomorrow will be another day of fun, though I hope her stomach will have settled down a bit by then, and fingers crossed I don’t have to change all the bedsheets in the middle of the night!

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