Bread vs Art

In exploring what else I could make with my sourdough starter, I stumbled across this beautiful example of Foccacia art – combining my love of creative arty things with my love of bread!

Naturally I had to try it out! (This pic below is not mine but an example of what I mean that I found on google).

So I decided to try making my own!

It was a serious labour of love – I fed my starter at 8.30am, made the dough at 2.30pm and didn’t get it in the oven until about 7.15pm so couldn’t eat it for dinner until 8pm!

Next time I’m going to search for a recipe that’s either much quicker or that I can proove overnight to make it a bit easier. Took bloody ages!

Also I didn’t add all of the oil in the recipe, as it seemed like so much, but the end result was a bit dry and crispy, not soft and fluffy as I was hoping, so it may be I should have added more oil into the dough itself (although it was very wet, oily dough!).

Next time I would also try to have basil and parsley and leafy herbs to add to it, as I think it would have helped aesthetically…

I struggled to get it stretched out to the edges to make a nice rectangular shape – was a little organic!

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