Animals ambling about


Yet more videos from my trip to the Mara. I don’t care if you all get bored of these posts, as it was incredible, and I could watch these over and over again!

First, a mama elephant and her baby (who is less than 1 year old, apparently you can tell they are less than 1 if they can still pass underneath the mother’s belly).

Then, a large family of giraffes – the most I’ve ever seen in one place, I think there were at least 16 of them here, all hanging out together. Gorgeous!

They say that birds do it, bees do it….


Here are some videos of lions shagging. Obvs.

I think it’s the same 2 lions, on different days. I’m told that when the mood takes him, the male lion will select his lioness of choice, and take her off somewhere into the bush. They will stay out there for about a week, basically just shagging like bunnies – doing nothing but resting and shagging for days. Our guide informed us they call it the “honeymoon period” and during that time they won’t even hunt or eat much – nothing but shagging and sleeping.

What is the Maasai Mara?

Ok, so I spent a 3-day weekend at the Maasai Mara recently, and it was unbelievable. Just amazing.

Safaris are not cheap on the whole, however since I’m already here it seemed like an awful waste not to go and see a bit more of incredible Kenya. However I managed to find a reasonably-priced budget deal, and it was so worth it! There will be many pictures and videos to follow, but first, a bit of background…

The Maasai Mara (also known as the Mara Triangle, or sometimes just “The Mara”) is a national park on the border of Tanzania, and has, at this time of year, one of the highest concentrations of wild animals in the world. As you can see from this map I have shamelessly stolen from google, the Mara is actually very small – the northern-most tip of the Serengeti plains – most of which is in Tanzania.

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Dung Beetles


Here’s a video of an actual dung beetle doing his thing. I’ve only ever seen it on nature programmes before, so had always assumed that the dung was the size of a meatball – in fact this ball of dung was about the size of my fist!

Also, you can see the female is holding on and rolling around – the male pushes the dung, and the female gets a free ride by clinging to the ball of dung!

Pretty impressed with our guide being able to spot something this small and stopping the car so we could have a look.

Camp Carnelley’s

Camp Carnelley’s was the place that I stayed at for my weekend in Naivasha, and came at the recommendation of several friends. Having stayed there, I can understand why so many people recommended it, and thought it was worthy of a short review here in my blog.

Right on the lake front, Carnelley’s is reasonably priced and has a range of options for all budgets, from a private banda that sleeps 6, to single and twin rooms, to dormitories and camping, the accommodation goes from 12,000 Kenyan shillings per night to 800 for a camping spot.


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