Simon Webbe’s biggest fan

Friday 5th March 2010

Hi guys,
so, the adventure continues….
There’s so much to say I don’t even know where to begin!

Work has been incredibly busy. I’ve written proposals, attended a conference on community radio projects, and even given a short presentation at a press conference. A CSR Consultant came out for a week to work with us on our strategic plan, and then the University had a festival, which was exhausting!

The festival was really badly organised, and S and I ended up being in charge of security, (very random!). They had a crap bamboo barricade separating the student area from the VIPs and the stage, which we kept telling them was going to fall down, and eventually it did. The guys in charge kept telling us not to be so negative, and thought we were over-reacting and predicting the worst. The Event Manager said “Don’t worry, as soon as the band starts to play, they’ll all stop pushing forward so much, because they’ll be watching the show”. Continue reading