Quarantine Diary: Week 3

Sunday 5th April

Quiet day today. I’m feeling much better and sure that it was all in my head, or at least psychosomatic, and not virus-related. Just fear and stress and tiredness.

We did some yoga and some children’s workouts (Andy’s Wild Workouts on Iplayer is great for little kids). Hoovered the house and changed the bedsheets. Sat in the sun in our tiny garden. Took the kid out for a little ride on her bike, and watered the plants. Watched a silly movie with friends in the evening. Ordered a few more random toys and bits and bobs to help keep the kid entertained. My neighbours must think I have a serious shopping addiction based on the number of amazon boxes piled up outside. And they would be correct.

Made a daal with sweet potato and some sweetcorn fritters, and started planning more meals for the week, working out what we might need and by when, as we’ll need to do another run to the supermarket this week. Continue reading

Quarantine Diary: Week 2

Sunday 29th March

Clocks went forward. Spent most of the night wondering if the cats would be retaliating after the kid peed all over the sofa and marked her territory, and whether or not we would be heading into full on pee wars. God I hope not.

Washed a few more curtains. It’s surprisingly enjoyable even though they look exactly the same afterwards, (I’LL know how clean they are). Had the plumber back after it transpired they had not successfully fixed the leak in the bathroom at all. Hoovered. Wondered if my car battery will die from lack of use. Decided to do more online shopping and have a look at summer clothes for the kid – I love Boots Mini Club stuff, but discovered that there is a queue to get onto their website now and there were LITERALLY 271,000 people ahead of me in the queue. Astonishing.

Ate leftover cauliflower cheese and pasta with veg, and planned a few more meals to cook next week. Continue reading

Quarantine Diary: Week 1

Sunday 22nd March

Took the toddler to the supermarket as we had been away and needed to do a weekly shop. We arrived around 10am, which is when the shop usually opens on a Sunday. Was shocked to discover the car park was FULL. I’ve lived here 9 years and never once seen it full. Grabbed a trolley and joined the queue to get into the store – lined up all along the car park, but was quite fast-moving so only took around 20 mins to get inside.

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By now, Coronavirus, or Covid-19, is one of the most well-known illnesses around the globe. It has caused widespread fear, panic-buying, stockpiling and empty supermarket shelves, closed down schools and businesses, caused a shortage of hospital beds and ventilators, and of course many, many deaths. It has shut down entire countries, one by one like dominoes falling in a line and is likely to lead to a pretty serious worldwide recession not seen since the great depression of the 1930’s. It’s a very strange time to be alive, and certainly one that will be taught in the history books in the future. Living through it feels exactly like every Hollywood disaster movie – the signs were there but were we too slow to take action? Continue reading